TOEFL iBT Navigator Listening (Audio)

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TOEFL iBT Navigator Listening (Audio)

TOEFL iBT Navigator Listening (Audio)


Chapter 01: Question Types
Type 01: Main Topic Questions
Type 02: Detail Questions
Type 03: Function and Attitude Questions
Type 04: Organization Questions
Type 05: Connecting Content Questions
Type 06: Inference Questions

Chapter 02: Conversations
Unit 01: Office Hours
Culture Navigator
Conversation 01: Studen complaining about a grade
Conversation 02: Changing one’s major
Conversation 03: Field Trip
Conversation 04: Museum visit
Conversation 05: Roommate
Conversation 06: Make-up Test

Unit 02: Service Encounter
Culture Navigator
Conversation 01: Preparing for class report
Conversation 02: Campus Newsletter
Conversation 03: Dorm Office
Conversation 04: Getting a New ID
Conversation 05: Late Fee
Conversation 06: Taking the semester off

Chapter 03: Lectures
Lecture Navigator

Chapter 04: Actual Tests
Vocal Navigator

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