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Top Notch 3

Top Notch 3

Top Notch is an award-winning communicative course for adults and young adults that sets new standards for reflecting how English is used as an international language


Features of Top Notch:

  • Essential model conversations that make key social language unforgettable and easy to personalize
  • Intensive vocabulary development with active recycling
  • Complete grammar support–extended by a bound-in Grammar Booster
  • “Top Notch Interactions”–unique step-by-step discussion builders that guarantee success for all learners
  • Thorough attention to pronunciation
  • A wide array of learning strategies and activities that promote critical thinking
  • Authentic and refreshing content that connects students to the real world


  • Top Notch Fundamentals: for true beginners or false beginners who need a review
  • Top Notch 1: for false beginners or for students who have completed Top Notch Fundamentals
  • Top Notch 2: for high-beginning students
  • Top Notch 3: for low-intermediate students
  • Summit 1: for high-intermediate students
  • Summit 2: for advanced students



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