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Plaxis is a family of the following products targeted towards solving geoengineering problems:


Plaxis 2D: Finite element package intended for the two dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering. Incorporates advanced constitutive models for the simulation of the nonlinear, time dependent and anisotropic behaviour of soils and/or rock. Also incorporates special procedures required to deal with hydrostatic and non hydrostatic pore pressures in the soil. Plaxis enables to model interaction between structures and the soil.


Plaxis Dynamics: Add on for Plaxis that enables to analyze soils and structures subjected to dynamic loads, such as earthquake.


PlaxFlow (2D Transient Ground Water Flow): Finite element package intended for the two-dimensional and steady-state analyses of saturated and unsaturated groundwater flow problems in geotechnical engineering and hydrology.


Plaxis 3D Tunnel: Enables to perform three-dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in tunnel projects.


Plaxis 3D Foundations: Finite element package for three-dimensional deformation analysis of foundation structures.

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