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SAT Math For The Clueless

SAT Math For The Clueless

Do square roots, logs, and graphs leave you in a cold sweat? Does the very thought of the all-important SAT¨ math send chills up your spine? If so, then you are like hundreds of thousands of students who face math only with fear.


Luckily, there is a cure: Bob MillerÕs Clueless series! Like the teacher you always wished you had (but never thought existed), Bob Miller brings a combination of knowledge, empathy and fun to the often-troubling subject of mathematics.


He breaks down the learning process in an easy, nontechnical way and builds it up again using his own unique methods. Meant to bridge the gulf between you and mathematics, SAT¨Math for the Clueless is packed with all the information you need to conquer this crucial standardized test.


This radically new approach gives you anxiety-reducing features on every page; bite-sized math portions that fit short study sessions (and short attention spans); appealing methods that make math understandable; full explanations of basic principles that make hard problems easy; quick tips for solving difficult problems; and a complete practice SAT¨-type math practice exam! "I am always delighted when a student tells me that he or she hated math...but taking a class with me has made math understandable...even enjoyable," says Bob Miller.


Now it's your turn. Sharpen your #2 pencils and let this extraordinary teacher show you how to never be clueless again!



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