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Gruber Complete GRE Guide 2012

Gruber Complete GRE Guide 2012

For Math, Gruber’s goes through the basics. It provides practice problems and voilà you are ready for the GRE. Or are you?


Gruber’s Math is lacking on four levels:

Layout: This is probably one of the last user-friendly GRE prep guides from the standpoint of layout. The math section especially feels like an information dump. I imagine must students despairing as they try to make their ways through the dense, busy pages.


Accuracy of Questions: The math questions do not really reflect the questions written by ETS. Sure you get practice on basic concepts, but the subtlety, aka trickiness, of the problems is absent


Advanced Questions: Gruber’s isn’t the way to go especially if you are looking to get a competitive score. Most of the questions are at the medium to easy-medium level. Not too much to challenge.




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