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Been studied by the Institute for Software Design (Bridge Software Institute) - University of Florida, US, is a calculation program and the pile foundation structure very strong association that is used for American roads and patronage.
FB-multipier program is a finite element analysis of non routing capable of simultaneously analyzing piers connected across the bridge. A complete structure can be fullystandard load types in an analysis AASHTO static or change over time in real problems. Each texture cylindrical pillars and beams including caps placed on the pile with the model nonlinear soil. The program calculates finite element method term, analysis and nonlinear static soil models with longitudinal compression behavior, and horizontal compression twist, ensuring a powerful computing systems in the analysis and between offices and nails.
FB-multipier executing divide the finite element within the geometry is determine the structural system and foundation office where the designer has set.
The structural calculation software for FB-Pier:
+ General Pier: Calculate structural pillar and foundation work simultaneously.
+ Pile and Cap: Calculate piles and piles pad work simultaneously.
+ Single Pile: Calculations for single pile.
+ High Mast Light / Sign: Calculations for single pile foundation structures.
+ Retaining Wall: Calculate wall.
+ Sound Wall: Calculate wall.
+ Stiffness: Calculation of stiffness in the central position of the nail.
+ Pile Bent: Calculate the bending poles.
+ Column Analysis: Calculate column.
+ Bridge (Multiple Piers): Calculate multiple office work with the foundation.


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