Autocad Architecture 2013

Autocad Architecture 2013

Autocad Architecture 2013

AutoCAD Architecture has a number of built-in tools specifically designed for the workflow of drawing floorplans. If you draw floor plans of buildings, then AutoCAD Architecture can make you more productive on your 1st project utilizing the following tools:


Walls, Doors, and Windows

Drawing walls is as easy as picking points, and based on the wall style all the materials and hatch patterns are taken care of for you. Automatically insert and place doors or windows with complete placement control. If you need to move a window or door, the wall will mend itself automatically. Move any wall, and all connected walls and spaces automatically update. Use familiar AutoCAD commands such as Fillet and Chamfer on wall objects.


Design Details Made Easy 

AutoCAD Architecture software includes a comprehensive library of detail components and keynoting tools. Rather than spend time and effort on tedious detailing tasks, you can expadite the creation of details by utilizing the component based library. When your details are complete, you can annotation the materials and generate keynote legends quickly and easily.



Automatically tag every room in a drawing, complete with room areas. Spaces update automatically if the bounding elements are changed, so your sq ft calculations are always up to date. Space definitions can include offsets from bounding elements based on preset or user-defined rules, enabling area calculations that reflect a variety of industry standards, including BOMA.


Display Themes 

Creating a color-fill plan, complete with Legends has been automated. Once your floor plan has been populated with spaces you can use the predefined Display Themes to create color-fills that report space type or area ranges. Since Display Themes reflect the current state of design, making a modification, such as widening a room, will automatically update what is being displayed.

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