Very Easy TOEIC Second Edition

Very Easy TOEIC Second Edition

Very Easy TOEIC Second Edition

Book Very Easy TOEIC Second Edition is designed for beginners to start learning English TOEIC .
TOEIC exam preparation materials includes 12 lessons , a sample test and support , including dictation tape and answers to the exercises . Each book includes an exercise in vocabulary , grammar tutorial part clear and specific , grammar exercises , and a small test (Mini Test ) .


Vocabulary :

A. Listen : By listening practice with the simple , you will learn the vocabulary common to the TOEIC test .

B. Reading : The comparison between exercises help you distinguish easily confused word pairs .
Guides and grammar exercises : This section outlines the grammatical point tested in the TOEIC test . Begin each lesson is a brief explanation of the contents will learn grammar , including the main points . The lesson also provides many standard exercises compiled in TOEIC test questions to help apply the knowledge of grammar learning


Small test : This section gives you a test with questions such forms in real TOEIC test . With this test , you can review not only about learning grammar , but also be familiar with the topic will be in the form of the TOEIC test .


Sample test : The test sample can help you make a TOEIC test with standard lengths and low level . You are introduced to a new form of the TOEIC test with 100 questions and 100 questions hear read

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