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Etabs 8.48

E-Tabs is a software company with headquarters in London, England.
The company develops and delivers report automation solutions and services. The company was first established in 1993 as ISPC by one of the original founders of Quantime- a specialist Data Processing software. Following a management buyout in 1999 ISPC was rebranded as E-Tabs

E-Tabs software automatically populates charts, graphs and reports in PowerPoint, Excel, Word and HTML.Their products and services are used widely in market research as research projects often involve a tremendous amount of reporting work. Automating charts, graphs and reports improves accuracy and prevents time and resources being wasted on data entry 
Typically report automation is beneficial for projects with repetitive elements, tracking studies, ongoing studies, one-off multi-segment studies across brands or regions, concept testing studies and even ad-hoc studies or similar projects 

E-Tabs have won numerous awards for innovation including one of The Queen's Awards for Enterprise and an ASC/MRS Award for Technology Effectiveness 

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