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PET Preparation and Practice - Ann Ward

PET Preparation and Practice - Ann Ward
How can it be used?
  - To supplement course work on a general language course.
  - For intensive exam preparation.
  - In class or for self-study.
Key features
  - It helps students to develop the skills required to pass the PET.
  - It provides students with opportunities to assess their progress through practice test questions.
  - For each part of the exam there are clear explanations of what is tested, followed by preparation exercises and advice on how to complete the tasks most successfully.
  - There is comprehensive coverage of the functions, grammar, topics and vocabulary listed in the syllabus.
  - Exam practice is provided through three practice tests. Two are integrated with the preparation work, and one appears in full at the end of the book.
  - The Teacher's Introduction gives suggestions on how to use the book and explains the mark scheme.     - The Student's Introduction gives advice on how to use the book for self-study purposes.
  - The With Answers edition contains a full answer key, including sample answers for writing questions and a transcript of all the recorded material.

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