DotNetBar v10 - Interface Support For C# and
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DotNetBar v10 - Interface Support For C# and

DotNetBar v10 - Interface Support For C# and

DotNetBar also includes great and easy to use Commanding model that helps you separate the User Interface from Application logic. Make sure to check out the RibbonPad sample which demonstrates how to use Commands. For more information on Commanding model take a look at following Knowledge Base Article.


Written entirely in C# DotNetBar takes full advantage of new .NET architecture and framework and provides easy to use component for you and your end-users. DotNetBar Supports all versions of VS.NET and works great with Visual Studio.NET 2008. 

We don't want you to buy DotNetBar before you try it so we are providing fully function trial version of DotNetBar available for download now. 

To jump start your usage of DotNetBar we help you with Movie Tutorials to get up to speed and running in minutes. 

Screenshots above use icons from our Professional Icon Pack and Essential Icon Pack. 

DotNetBar was announced on Microsoft Tech·Ed 2001 in Atlanta. Read our Press Release for more information. Our .NET products have been officially launched on February 13, 2001. You can read our joint press release with Microsoft here. 

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