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Kingsoft Office 2009 Professional

Kingsoft Office 2009 Professional

Kingsoft Office is a compact, Microsoft Office Compatible, no cross training required office suite with Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation. It has all of the features you have come to expect from your modern office software and a familiar layout allowing you to implement it at home, work or anywhere.


* The Microsoft Office compatible suite Writer, Presentation & Spreadsheets is an ideal alternative for professional :

o Familiar layout

o MSO Compatible

o Export as PDF option

* Features :

o Create, Open and Save documents the same as ever, using all the standard document opening types you find on Microsoft Office.

o Convert documents to Adobe PDF effortlessly, with the export as PDF function.

o Kingsoft Office 2007 is compliant with today's XML standards so documents can be opened on other computers


* We are giving you half a year to evaluate our fully functional traditional trial and experience the functionality of the software for yourself.
* Its small size and use of resources make it easy to download and install, plus, it green software meaning it is completely removed if you just wish to try it out. Take a look at the screenshots.
* It contains all the functions we have come to love of our Office software as well as features that will redesign your office with zest.

Kingsoft Writer

-Writer extends the power of document processing to provide a host of new functions as well as the ones we commonly use everyday.

- Export as PDF, a learning spellchecking system and business ready templates help you do business more effectively.


Kingsoft Presentation

- For those of us who have not seen enough PowerPoint® slides already, you can happily continue as you did before, well, maybe better... we've added a whole host of new templates for you to work with.

Actually, we’ve added a whole bunch of whizzy features to Kingsoft ofiice, add-ins and improvements are shown in our features list.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets

- For an explanation of all the other great additional features we’ve added, take a peek at our features page.

- Create and do whatever you did before with spreadsheets, you'll find the features that you’re used to are there as you would expect but now with cell merge features and ‘autocompletion’.
"Choose" to automatically update current versions without the need to join participation programmes or send us the contents of your inbox... the update IS an update.


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